Intercom Systems

Protect your staff or your residence by giving them the advantage to safely confirm the identity of visitors and vendors before granting access.

An intercom system is an important safety feature for your home or office, as you can see anyone who might be outside prior to granting or denying them access to the premises.  Below are some of the biggest benefits to having an intercom system:

Benefits of an Intercom System

  1. Security.  When paired with CCTV (closed circuit television), both parties can communicate via the intercom system, before entry is granted.  Also, it can help guide a guest through the facility, without getting lost and without injury by denying access to a restricted area.
  2. Deter criminal activity.  When using an intercom system, identification must be confirmed before entering, which makes your home, office, or school facility safe, and gives everyone inside a sense of security, knowing that anyone entering has been identified.
  3. Improved communication.  Within the office, it is not guaranteed to get an instant response from text messages or phone calls.  However, an intercom system allows easy and quick communication between floors, which increases employee productivity. Within the home, yelling from room to room will be reduced, which makes for a more peaceful and quiet household.
  4. Mass announcements.  Conference calling may be a good option for small groups, and it is possible that mass emails may get lost in cyber space.  However, an intercom system is a great way to make company wide general announcements, or with a touch of a button, you could announce the testing of the fire alarm system, and indicate that it is only a drill and not a real emergency.
  5. Overhead cost reduction.  By using an intercom system, your facility is more secure; therefore, insurance costs on the building may be lower.
  6. Versatility.  When you use an intercom system, it can be used for more than front door access and seamless inter-office communication.  It can also restrict access to certain areas within the building, such as chemical labs and other high-priority areas.
  7. Children’s activities can be monitored.  Intercoms and CCTV are a great way for busy parents to keep an eye on their little ones, while they play freely outside.  Communication between inside the home and the outside world is seamless.  Additionally, the camera can monitor children’s activities and any suspicious people in the neighborhood.
  8. Reduces disturbances.  In the home, sometimes it is hassle to break from what you are doing, like cooking dinner or helping the kids with their homework, in order to answer the door.  When you have an intercom system, you can easily see who is at the door and decide to answer it, or continue with your current task.
  9. Stay comfortable.  Perhaps you are snuggled on the couch with a warm cup of tea or watching your favorite movie and the doorbell rings.  When you have an intercom system, you can see if girl scouts are selling cookies or the Avon lady is dropping by for an unplanned visit, and then make a decision to get up from your comfortable position.
  10. Easy installation.  Call Nexsys today at: 702-213-6767, to secure your home and place of business.

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