Access Control for CoVid Times

December 7, 2020 by seonexsys

People are going in to offices and facilities more and more with CoVid. What is your business strategy for the different people who need to access your building? It is easy when there is someone at the office all the time to check people in or out. Our systems allow for remote entry, fob entry, keyless entry and even allows you to see who is trying to access your building with a live camera you can hear what the people are saying from your smartphone.

We take the time to build access control solutions for Las Vegas companies whether there is power or if there is no power. We ensure warehouse safety, building safety and multi-unit access control. We work with your team even to have a simple per month cost and reporting you can use for auditing the access to the building in case of a legal dispute.

We hare here to help with your access control needs in Las Vegas and are happy to help your team structure the perfect system to deal with the CoVid environment.

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