Access Control Security For Businesses

August 24, 2020 by seonexsys

As the pandemic rages across the country, managing who comes in and out of your office, wearing masks, and social distancing are all a part of the new reality. As we slowly start to reopen for business, we must figure out how we can reduce the spread of the virus.

Nowadays, security and access controls have become necessary to control who can come into your building, and how many of those people can go in at any given time.

Offices are not the only types of locations that can benefit from having thermal cameras, visitor screenings, or remote entrance access. Retail spaces, hospitals, and other types of businesses can use access control measures to protect their customers and workers.

What Types of Access Control Exist On the Market?

Access control comes in three variations. Let’s look at each one in detail:

Discretionary Access Control (or DAC)

Discretionary Access Control gives the business owner complete responsibility for deciding who is allowed in a location, whether physically or digitally.

DAC has the least restrictive access control protocols, as it gives one person complete control over any objects they own and the programs that are associated with them.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

This type of access control sees most of its use in places like military installations, as confidentiality and classification of data are paramount.

MAC will not allow owners to provide user access to anyone they choose. Only the owner and custodian have management of the access controls. The system will label all end users that will give them access per security guidelines.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

This access control system is by far the most demanding of the three and is by far the most sought out access control system among businesses.

RBAC systems assign access through the system admin. This access is strictly based on the worker’s role inside the organization and their job responsibilities.

Rather than assigning multiple people with differing access levels, the system only has to assign specific job titles.

What Is the Best Access Control System For Your Business?

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the right system for your business needs. Choose the system that fits your business needs and implement them immediately to keep your business safe and secure.

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