Cloud Security Continues to Dominate

October 30, 2020 by seonexsys

As we have gotten into this CoVid time, Cloud Security has become very important. The basic concept is the system as well as the storage of the data happens within the cloud using advanced technology and dashboards. Our systems comply with the highest standards and being cloud friendly is critical during times of uncertainty.

If there was unrest, for example, no on can come in and take the video from you. It is on the cloud. If you are not able to get into the shop, you can see what is going on. Even better though, is when Access Control is also available via the cloud.

With these advances, we cn help your business safely and securely store, maintain and have a access control system which will allow you to successfully determine exactly who and when people are entering.

Gone are the days when 3 people had door keys. Now you can use 2FA, fingerprints or other methods to validate identity. There are a lot of possible setups, so we are aggressive about making sure all the protection you need is available, all the access you need is easy, but all in the cloud.

Give us a call to learn more about our Cloud based solutions. Especially for job sites or construction sites. We excel with some new solutions that can help you monitor those sites.

Cloud Security Continues to Dominate was last modified: October 30th, 2020 by seonexsys

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