Eagle Eye Cloud Video Monitoring System and Cameras

October 29, 2021 by seonexsys

The best facilities management and security solutions in use these days take full advantage of cloud computing. At Nexsys, we take pride on being a Brivo partner, which means that we can secure your premises with Brivo OnAir and Brivo Access systems for real-time monitoring and full access control. The Brivo platform can be easily integrated with just about any IP camera for video surveillance; however, we strongly recommend you consider Eagle Eye cloud security cameras.

Eagle Eye is a premier brand known for its superior smart video surveillance products, which are specifically designed to deliver cloud-native performance at all times. While these cameras can be integrated with the Brivo Access platform, they can also work on their own without the need to install software, update drivers, or adjust to specific operating systems. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance System can be managed through a reliable and flexible web interface that also offers mobile access.

Even though Eagle Eye systems are designed with cloud security in mind, they can be easily configured for on-premise video recording and storage. You have the flexibility of selecting which camera or feed should be stored where, and you can also choose time frames, resolution, and even redundancy for compliance issues. All recording is encrypted by default.

In some cases, clients have existing cameras they would like to continue using. Whether they are digital or analog, there is a strong chance they can be connected to the Eagle Eye system; this can translate into savings not only because of hardware costs but also installation. If you have security officers or agents who carry mobile cams, these can be integrated as well.

The web interface of the Eagle Eye system is where everything can be managed. You can pan, zoom, and tilt at anytime with intuitive, joystick-like controls. You can configure specific camera views and set up rotating actions that come together as a surveillance tour. Furthermore, you can also be informed about camera status even if they are not recording; Eagle Eye provides the ability to set up email or SMS alerts so that security managers know if motion detection has been activated or if devices have been tampered with.

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