Get to Know Brivo OnAir Security and Access Control Systems

October 20, 2021 by seonexsys

As a technology firm that provides modern solutions in terms of security, monitoring, and access control, Nexsys is operated by a team with more than five decades of collective industry experience. We have been fortunate to see just how advanced the fields of facilities security, surveillance, and monitoring have become; to this effect, it was not that long ago when CCTV systems were standard installations. Now that we have innovative and game-changing platforms such as Brivo OnAir, we can safely say that the future of secure facilities management has arrived.

The Brivo OnAir All-In-One Solution

Nexsys is proud to be a Brivo partner. Since 2002, this company has been developing cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that vastly improve upon existing security and monitoring technology. Brivo OnAir is a system that simply requires an active internet connection in order to handle numerous tasks related to security, credentialing, surveillance, and access management.

The Brivo OnAir system can connect to multiple devices such as motion detector sensors, alarms, cameras, digital video recorders, biometrics scanners, electronic locks, and others. All devices securely connect to the Brivo IoT cloud platform, which means that you can manage all the security features of a facility from a single web portal or mobile app.

Here are some of the many benefits that Brivo OnAir systems will provide you once they are installed by Nexsys:

* Very rapid deployment.

* Real-time monitoring wherever you are thanks to Android and iOS apps.

* Comprehensive security at low cost.

* Fully scalable solutions for security managers.

Depending on the kind of Brivo solution you choose to install at your facility, you may be able to take advantage of additional features such as the Brivo Mobile Pass, a method of access control that does away with the need for keys, keycards, or PIN entry codes. When the Mobile Pass app is installed on a smartphone or tablet powered by Android or iOS; it turns into a smart access control device that holds the appropriate credentials. As for real-time monitoring and security surveillance, you can choose Brivo OnAir video, which works with just about any IP camera, or the more advanced Eagle Eye cameras.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Brivo OnAir systems installed by Nexsys. Contact our office today to learn more about this valuable and convenient solution.

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