How to Conduct Virtual Apartment Tours During the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 18, 2020 by seonexsys

The pandemic made us rethink how to conduct business in every industry. For example, realtors are holding virtual tours to guide potential renters through their property safely. A realtor would get on a live video call or shoot a video in place of a face-to-face showing of a property.

Showing Guided Tours Safely Using Mobile Technology

Typically, virtual tours are a great way to give tours to people who are out of state and cannot show up in person to see the property. With the scourge of the pandemic, virtual tours have become the new norm to keep both tenants and realtors safe.

A realtor can guide renters through the rooms with a video chat and answer any questions about the property live as if they were showing the property in person. If they have any questions about an appliance in the kitchen, for example, the realtor can point their camera at that appliance and answer questions on the spot.

Another Type of Virtual Tour Available is a Self-Guided Tour

Realtors have also put into place self-guided tours so that renters can tour the property without a realtor present; they provide benefits that make modern leasing simpler and keep the public safe.

Self-guided tours are more convenient. Property managers don’t have to show up in person, which opens up their schedule. Apartment seekers don’t have to worry about coordinating a schedule with the property manager.

According to Zogby Analytics, up to 40% of renters have passed on renting a property because they couldn’t find a convenient time to take a look at the property in person. Smart technology for apartments allows property managers to give potential renters an access code via text or email so that those renters can look at the apartment on their own.

Managers can also look at analytics showing where those potential renters lingered the longest in that apartment. This information allows the manager to communicate most about the part of the property that most interested renters.

Even after we beat the pandemic, we can expect the trend or virtual tours to continue. Not only are they safer to conduct, but they’re also far more convenient for everyone involved. This trend is but one of many ways the pandemic will shape how we shop, including shopping for homes, for the foreseeable future.

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