How to Safely Reopen Your Place of Business

August 15, 2020 by seonexsys

Government officials across the United States are slowly giving the go-ahead to reopen their economies under strict health and safety guidelines.

Many companies have already started implementing changes to their work environment to prepare for the new normal. They’ve created new floor plans, changed employee schedules, and kept their remote workers at home to continue working remotely. They’ve even changed how they sell their products to customers.

For business owners, this situation presents an opportunity to update their approaches to protecting their customers, their workers, and their property with improved health and safety standards.

Here are some best practices to consider so you can reopen your doors for business safely.

Plan and Prepare for Safe Operations

Before you open your business’s doors, you need to formulate multiple plans to prepare yourself for as many emergency scenarios as possible.

Dig through your workplace and take notes on what you see. Did you spot any potential weak points? Which areas need to improve, and how can you improve upon them?

Update policies directly affected by the current crisis. The most important policies you should update deal with travel, leave of absence, and remote work availability. These policy changes may be more challenging to implement for some industries. However, for your team’s safety, now is the time to think outside of the box.

When creating your updated health and safety policies, look at recent CDC and WHO guidelines to guide your strategy. These guidelines will help you create a plan that will detect infection symptoms and protect healthy staff from the disease.

Sanitize and Organize

Your next step is to prepare your workplace for reopening. Go through to make sure your stock up on sanitation supplies, update your floor plan and maximize safety in your business’s most occupied areas.

Purchase the necessary equipment and cleaning products to keep your work environment sanitized and safe for your workers and customers. Keep plenty of hand sanitizer, hand soap, disinfecting cleaner, and masks for workers and customers.

Learn the best sanitation practices, teach your workers these practices, and ingrain them as a habit for everyone to follow for the foreseeable future. Practicing these new habits will directly translate to a safer, healthier work environment.

Develop new ways to guide customers through high-traffic areas as safely as possible. Regularly sanitize all of these high-traffic locations to ensure your customers are safe regardless of where they go in your place of business.

Social Distance

Top health officials agree that social distancing is one of the best tools in our arsenal to slow down disease spread. Isolating everyone for the long term is impossible, so you need to allow people in your workplace to keep their distance. Implement these ideas to ensure the safety of your workers and visitors.

Companies across the United States are using remote technologies like Zoom, Slack, and Google Suite to convert jobs into remote work positions. The fewer people that have to come into work personally, the better.

For those workers that need to come in, create policies that limit the number of people that can be in one area. Take advantage of remote communication tools, reduce the amount of shared physical materials, and place capacity limits for small rooms. Also, alternate workers’ shifts to limit the number of people in the workplace at any time.

These protocols will take time for people to get used to, and some policies may not work in the real world. Give your workers a chance to voice concerns so you can adequately address them for everyone’s sake. We must work together to make sure everyone can stay safe and healthy.

Monitor Your Employees’ and Visitors’ Health

Create a protocol to screen for health changes to keep the rest of your employees healthy. Check the temperatures and overall health of your employees. Train your employees to screen every visitor that comes into your place of business.

If anyone seems ill, get them out of your place of business immediately. Provide a mask to the sick person if they don’t have one to prevent further disease spread.

Watch for Updated Guidelines

For the foreseeable future, you will need to stay updated with the most current guidelines shared by trusted medical professionals and health organizations. Use these links to get the most current health information from the CDC, Health and Human Services, and the WHO in regards to the current pandemic.

Stay safe and healthy.

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