How to Screen Visitors for COVID-19

August 21, 2020 by seonexsys

When reopening your office, keeping your visitors safe will be your top priority. Until we get a vaccine, the best options you have at your disposal are social distancing, enforcing mask-wearing, and keeping hand sanitizer on hand for people in your building.

However, is there any way to screen people who might visit your facility? How can you find out if someone you are about to meet in a face-to-face meeting at your office poses a health risk to everyone inside your building?

You may not have a ton of COVID-19 tests on hand to administer, but you can use technology to fill that safety gap.

How to Use Technology to Screen for Potentially Infected Visitors

During the check-in process, many enterprises and offices utilize a customized, computerized questionnaire regarding the visitors’ health. This questionnaire can help determine if a visitor is a potential health risk.

You can ask several questions to the visitor, such as:

  • Have they had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past two weeks?
  • Have they been in contact with COVID-19 sufferers?
  • Have they recently traveled overseas?

If a visitor responds in a way that suggests they pose a risk for infection, the system sends an alert to the hosts. At this point, they can activate the protocols they have to protect the office, your employees, and your other visitors.

Most of these tools include a timestamping feature to assist with contact tracing. This timestamp contains the date, time, and name of the visitor.

Take These Additional Steps to Ensure Visitor and Employee Safety

While technology can go a long way to help screen for risky visitors, you cannot rely on it entirely. Use these additional steps to ensure the safety of everyone inside of your building:

  • Limit the number of visitors coming inside of your building.
  • Place notifications at your entrances asking people showing symptoms not to enter.
  • Ensure you have enough PPE and sanitizing equipment on hand for personnel and visitors.
  • Figure out the availability and access to medical services
  • Set up a dedicated isolation room that’s close to the reception area. Ensure it has tissues, hand sanitizer, and masks.
  • Measure body temperature using a non-contact thermometer
  • Clean and disinfect employees’ workstations between shifts.
  • Enforce hand sanitizing and mask-wearing before entering your building.

All of these steps will help you provide a safe environment for your employees and your visitors. Follow them to the letter to help win the battle against COVID-19.

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