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October 28, 2021 by seonexsys

The advent of cloud computing technology has greatly improved the functionality of facilities management and security. At Nexsys, most of our clients have transitioned from legacy video surveillance systems such as CCTV and DVR to cloud-based solutions provided by Brivo Access and Eagle Eye networks. If you are not familiar with how cloud technologies work in terms of security, here are a few things you should know:

Cloud Security Platforms

When we install a modern security system for a new client, what we are actually doing is creating a cloud platform, which means that all security devices can be remotely managed through computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Everything from video surveillance to access control can be remotely managed through a Software as a Service (SaaS) web portal or a mobile app.

The Cloud Advantage in Facilities Management and Physical Security

Virtually every security device can be connected to the SaaS cloud security platform for remote management. Electronic door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, sirens, microphones, temperature sensors, alarms, and speakers converge into a single SaaS management portal. The advantages include:

* No need to set up a dedicated video surveillance room.

* No need to post guards in spots where they have to lock or unlock doors.

* Instant review of live or historic surveillance video.

* Email or SMS notifications of motion detector activities or alarms going off.

* Assignment of credentials to people who carry smartphones or tablets.

With a SaaS solution for physical security in place, your personnel on the ground can spend more time on foot patrols and building inspections instead of checking credentials or looking after locked doors. Automatic recording of surveillance video to the cloud will give you peace of mind instead of having to worry about whether your on-premise digital storage is functional.

What Makes Cloud Security Platforms Solution

Greater efficiency and ease of management are at the heart of cloud computing technology. Think about how easy it is to check your Outlook or Gmail accounts from you computer or smartphone; this is the same principle that can be applied to managing physical security through SaaS.

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