Physical Security Predictions for 2020

August 12, 2020 by seonexsys

As we tread bravely into a new decade, it is time to focus on trends and predictions that will shape the security industry in 2020 and further.

These predictions are more than educated guesses. If you have any interest in protecting your home or business property in 2020 and beyond, you will want to give this article your full attention.

Facial Recognition and Privacy

While facial recognition makes securing access more convenient, many also see this technology as an invasion of privacy. Many of us already use it on our phones, but we have more agency as to how we use it. In regards to security, the subject gets more tricky.

For facial recognition to become more accepted in the mainstream, security providers will need to work with regulators and the public to iron out the details and work toward a mutually beneficial solution.

Enhancing Data Protection with Blockchain

When used in security, Blockchain can track interactions with digital files, which further allows it to figure out if that file has been tampered with in any way and find information on when and where the tampering took place.

Artificial Intelligence

Up to this point, we relegated AI to automatic CCTV control, but in the future, full AI utilization and data processing will be possible. Older systems required us to send our data to external servers for analysis. In the future, we will be more equipped to analyze data on-site. This benefit comes with lower server costs, higher efficiency, and improved functionality.

Physical Identity Management

Cost-effective PIAM (Physical Identity and Access Management) solutions will help organizations secure their facilities and networks by taking care of access requests based on the identity of an individual and the security policies that the company has in place. With this tech, business owners can automate the process of ensuring only authorized workers can access secured areas.

Cyber Integration with Physical Security

In the past, cybersecurity and physical security have been seen as separate entities. With the rise of the physical technologies connected through the Internet of Things, we’re quickly approaching a future where a digital hack could have direct physical consequences.

For example, if you connected your cameras to the cloud, criminals could hack into your cameras and control them remotely.

The advent of 5G will also provide us with more speed and bandwidth. This added speed will make our security systems far more flexible and responsive, especially when dealing with remote control.

Increased Video Surveillance

A long time ago, security systems would consist of one intruder alarm and some cameras around the building’s entrance. As technology improves, better solutions become more affordable. As a result, surveillance will start finding its way into places where such measures weren’t feasible due to price and convenience concerns.

As cameras get more affordable and more advanced, we have been looking to use them in more creative ways. People are using drones far more, and that use will accelerate in the coming years. However, regulators will need to create new laws to keep drone use from getting out of control.

Welcome to a Brave New World

As the analog world starts to make way for the digital era, the state of the security industry is in a state of transition. However, the fundamentals of security remain the same, even though the technology is changing and growing at breakneck speeds. 

Keep the above predictions in mind. If you’re a homeowner or business owner, consider deploying new security technologies before it’s too late.

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