Security/Intrusion Detection

Nexsys provides the most advanced intrusion detection systems and burglar alarms available on the market. An intrusion alarm allows us to monitor your facility when you aren’t there, keeping your property, people, and product safe and secure. Our business burglar alarm systems in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada combine state of the art technology with advanced monitoring, video systems and verification to ensure the fastest response times and fewer false alarms.

Business and Commercial Property Intrusion Detection Alarms in Nevada

When it comes to locking down the security of your business, only one local provider offers burglar alarms in Nevada that deliver complete peace of mind. Nexsys is a family-owned and operated business with the capabilities to provide a higher level of protection backed by industry-leading customer service and technical support. Our complete product offerings include:

  • Burglar alarms for retail stores in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas
  • A verified alarm that triggers a priority response to police that prevents theft or damage
  • Burglar alarms for restaurants, commercial properties and facilities
  • Additional technology including motion sensors, photoelectric beams and glassbreak detectors
  • 24/7-access and control of burglar alarms from a software portal or smartphone app

We believe every business has unique security alarm needs, depending on the type of business, budget, size of facility, and number of employees.  With this information in mind, we create custom security systems for each Nevada-based commercial security alarm system we sell.

We believe every business should have a modern security alarm system.  The technology we use for business security from 2GIG,, Brivo, Exacq, and DMP offers a full suite of interactive services to support your business, including energy management and video monitoring systems. With today’s security alarm technology you can have security coverage at a cost that would have been impossible five years ago.

Nexsys systems are highly effective for office park environments with exposed glass windows or doors, and great for multiple location businesses like coffee stands, or retail shops.  Keep your business secure, have instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage your energy costs. What are you waiting for?

Key Benefits

  • Security systems with proper mix of technology, ease of use, budget flexibility
  • Monitor your business from anywhere, whether via mobile app or the web
  • Watch who is in your facility in real time with our video solutions
  • Remote system status (Make sure employees arm and disarm your security system)
  • Easy addition of sensors and video cameras
  • Integrate advanced access control features
  • Easily secure and monitor high value areas (cabinets, drawers, product cages, etc)
  • Reduced costly false alarms


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