The Seven Benefits of Intercom Systems

December 1, 2021 by seonexsys

Modern Intercom Systems
Security in the modern age means having eyes and ears on the spots that matter. No tool achieves this like an intercom system. Modern intercom systems combine high-tech updates for enhanced safety, increased transparency and better communication.

Intercoms Are Essential
An intercom is a safety essential at homes and businesses because it provides both monitoring and communication. This one feature can cover so many facets of security. What’s more, it can help to reduce liability issues. Intercom systems also remove many of the inconveniences of managing door traffic and visitor activity. An intercom can ensure that a “sign in” policy is enforced.

The Seven Benefits

  • 1. Better Communications: When paired with CCTV (closed circuit television), an intercom system allows both parties to communicate before entry is granted. In addition to creating a better visitor experience, this keeps building occupants safer.
  • 2. Crime Deterrence: Intercom systems allow for identification before entry.
  • 3. Controlled Noise Levels: Intercoms eliminate the need for “yelling” through the doors.
  • 4. Building-Wide Announcements: Intercom systems allow for general announcements. This is important for providing security alerts, protocol updates or special announcements.
  • 5. Reduced Insurance Costs: The added security provided by an intercom system may help to reduce insurance costs.
  • 6. Customization: Intercom systems allow enterprises to scale access based on locations within a building. An intercom system can be used to safeguard sensitive areas without necessarily creating roadblocks within a campus.
  • 7. Monitoring: Intercom systems with cameras make it possible to monitor an area to determine when action is necessary. Having the ability to remotely watch visitor arrivals and deliveries makes it easier to manage door traffic without the need to necessarily get up every time there is activity.

An intercom system makes it easy to manage and monitor entry points smartly. It also allows for easy communications between occupants, guests, and employees. Let us show you how smooth a scaled intercom installation can be. Your seamless, custom intercom system is just a consultation away.

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